Racism, sexism, and how teaching evaluations impact tenure for scholars of color.

"In higher education, young people who may have never successfully completed a single college class are asked to review people who have several advanced degrees. Because segregation in our neighborhoods and occupations means most students haven’t had to interact with a person of color in a position of authority for any prolonged period of time, treating that faculty member with respect seems to be optional. If not optional, it certainly isn’t a behavior that appears to be widespread. Then there is pervasive sexism."?

By Vilna Bashi Treitler I’m a full Professor of Sociology. Some might say I’ve “made it,” especially in a country where (according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics) black women constitute 3% of all instructors and only 0.3% of all full professors, and where, by contrast, white males are 43% of those in …

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