Recent Publications

“Refugees and Islam: Representing Race, Rights, Cohabitation.” Journalism, Gender and Power. Eds. Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner and Stuart Allan. Routledge, 2019. Forthcoming.

“Introduction: Precarity/Heimatlosigkeit.” Seminar, A Journal of Germanic Studies, vol. 54, no. 4, 2018: pp. 411 – 417. With Gabi Kathöfer. [Read more

“Heimat, Sustainability, Community: A Conversation with Karina Griffith and Peggy Piesche.” Seminar, A Journal of Germanic Studies, vol. 54, no. 4, 2018: pp. 418 – 427. With Gabi Kathöfer. [read more]

“Precarious Intimacies: Politics and Solidarities in Emine Sevgi Özdamar’s Die Brücke vom Goldenen Horn.” Gegenwartsliteratur: A German Studies Yearbook, vol. xvii, 2018. pp. 115-113. [read more]

“Islam and Migration.” Forum: Feminism and German Studies. The German Quarterly, vol. 91, no 2, 2018: 2011-2013.  [Read more]

“Precarious Intimacies: Narratives of Non-Arrival in a Changing Europe.” TRANSIT. A Journal of Travel, Migration, and Multiculturalism in the German-speaking World, vol. 11, no. 2, 2018. With Maria Stehle. [Read more]

“Christa Wolf’s Trouble with Race.” Christa Wolf. Companions to German Culture. Eds. Sonja Klocke and Jennifer Hosek. DeGruyter, 2018, pp. 163-180. [Read more]

“The German Refugee “Crisis” after Cologne: The Race of Refugee Rights.” English Language Notes 2016. [Read more]



Violence and Gender in the “New” Europe: Islam in German Culture

Moving beyond staid stereotypes, Gender and Violence in the “New” Europe draws new conclusions about the role of violence in determining Muslim women’s participation in German public life. [more…]

Violence and Gender in the "New Europe": Islam in Germany Today

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The Humanities Without Nostalgia – The Chronicle of Higher Education

The adjunctification of the university and its ongoing toxicity for those who are not straight white men - this is the crisis, not the loss of the (white male fantasy) of the good ole' humanities of the past....

Mitigating gender bias in student evaluations of teaching

BBC – Capital – Why ‘worthless’ humanities degrees may set you up for life

Reviewer 3

Today, a few people shared meanspirited (and unhelpful) manuscript reviews they have received. As I revisit my summer projects, I am so grateful for the kind, generous, and thoughtful feedback I have received this year from people like Sara Motta, @NitzanShoshan , and...

Seminar: Precarity/Heimatlosigkeit

Available online now! Our co-edited special issue of Seminar: Precarity/Heimatlosigkeit Introduction: Precarity/Heimatlosigkeit Gabi Kathöfer, Beverly Weber 54(4), pp. 411–417 Heimat, Sustainability, Community: A Conversation with Karina Griffith and Peggy Piesche...

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“Empathy” over at the Digital Feminist Collective

A piece I wrote this summer over at the Digital Feminist Collective: "Empathy."  "I am suspicious of this feeling. Can you ever feel me? Can I ever feel you? What is this feeling, and what...

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